Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Topgun Grav Armour Update

Rob at Topgun Marketing has let me know that following customer feedback they have developed new 15mm Light and Medium Grav Tanks with turret and hull paneling, and scribed panel lines. Ideal for those seeking a different type of surface detailing than the current Smooth-Hulled and Active Armor Defense System (AADS) © designs.

The photos shown are of a pre-production master Type 9 Light Grav Tank. Other varieties will become available as well, e.g. the Type 10 Medium Grav Tank Hunter, Type 11 Medium Grav Tank, the Type 7 Scout/Recon and the Type 8 Light Mortar/Point Defense Grav vehicles.

The new model strikes a balanced design between smooth, curved surfaces, and the desire expressed by the masses for panel detailing, and scribed paneling. The new design will also represent vehicles with Ablative or bolt on Applique Armor, and those fitted with a 360 degree passive sensor array, like is used on modern attack submarines.

Rob is seeking feedback on this new variant, to know if you like the new raised panel detailing. Also, if you would like to see Topgun produce similar versions for their Heavy Tank variants, Ammor Carrier/Ambulance, and the APC’s/IFV’s.

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  1. I'm not digging it at all... the panel detail looks tacked on (which, admittedly, it is).

    Truly the best looking set was with the AADS; smooth-paneled and rectangular paneled versions look way off...

  2. Actually, I think they are a vast improvement over the oringals.

  3. I like these, not instead of but in addition to the other models. I think it's really cool that Rob is considering offering three different versions of his line. This gives his product wider appeal.

    Keep 'em coming Rob.


    P.S. Somebody needs to do a dedicated power armor transport. Something with an armored cab and perhaps either individual hatches or linear seating along both sides for the armored infantry.

  4. Thanks for the comments thus far everyone.

    I really appreciate it.

    I prefer the ones we sell with the AADS circles as well, but thought some might like these instead, based upon previous comments during our product development.

    My guess is these will look a bit better, when primed, and/or painted, since the white paneling really stands in stark relief to the resin hull, as shown in the photos.

    I am toying with the idea of changing the panels a bit, if you think they would be more attractive in a thinner version (the panel thickness on the ones shown here are 0.75mm's). I could also add a bit more open space, like on the Type 8 prototype photo we have on our website. See here for a photo of our Light Mortar/Point Defense vehicle for comparison (the second vehicle down in the left margin), and let me know what you think:

    The panels are the same height on both vehicles, but the ones shown here on the Dropship site are the thicker styrene ones.

    The one on our website has a bit more exposed hull near the front and rear of the vehicle, which adds interest, and a bit of contrast.

    I think thinner 0.25mm or 0.5mm thick card panels might detract from the shape of the hull less, making the overall look a bit more streamlined.

    Another option would be to make them slightly thinner, from top to bottom. Currently, they are about 5mm's high. Changing to 4mm's might be helpful as well.

    The cardstock ones on our Light Mortar prototype vehicle also have more squared edges, and smaller individual panels too, which some may prefer. I think I like the smaller, more numerous panel sections more.

    I'm also open to other panel shapes, and options as well. We had planned to provide separate panel sections that you could glue onto the hulls yourself, but due to manufacturing limitations, and the hassle of prepping them to put on the model, I'm not sure how many people will really want to do that on their own. It is difficult to pour resin, or metal at 1mm thickness, or less, consistently, and if you make it thicker, then a lot of sanding needs to be done to get them ready to apply to the complex curves of the vehicles. Brass etched pieces were also considered, but have been dropped, due to their high cost of manufacturing.

    Let me know what you think, and if you believe any of the options above, or others that you come up with would make them look better.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Topgun Marketing LLC
    e-mail: topgunace111 AT yahoo DOT com

  5. Thinner, more narrow and more separate sections sounds like a better match to the excellent primary form of your vehicles. I'll add the caveat that I am a member of the pro-AADS camp. Still I can appreciate the potential benefit of a variety of hull enhancements.

    Eli, a Powered Armour carrier, or an engineering vehicle designed with PA retrieval in mind would be very cool indeed.

  6. I guess I'm the only one who likes the look!
    Reminds me of the strap-on-extra-track-sections style add-on armour. Something made for a quick repair job.

    This range is growing on me as a contender for my non-Kzin. Like the crew hatches as well, for non-human sized crew.