Friday, 26 February 2010

IN THE PIPE... 15mm Sci Fi Germans

Having a quick break from detailing my Felid bunkers to let you know that Eureka Miniatures have done a great job on expanding their current Sci Fi Germans to a range.

These are just the new infantry and I have to say that really like the poses. Well done Nic! I particularly like the advancing figure with rifle at low port - there's real urgency in the movement and I get the sense of a grunt running from one building to another feeling the sniper's scope zeroing in on him.

You can see more photos including the new support weapons on Eric's The Two-Hair Brush blog.

Even if you don't like the idea of Sci Fi Germans they will make good proxies for Firefly 'Purplebellies' or any Sci Fi troopers you want:

The codes (including the four original sculpts) will be:

300SCI01 Sci-Fi German Stormtrooper with assault rifle (7)
300SCI02 Sci-Fi German Stormtrooper with Section Automatic Weapon SAW (1)
300SCI03 Sci-Fi German Stormtrooper Officer (1)
300SCI04 Sci-Fi German Stormtrooper with 'flamer' (1)
300SCI05 Sci-Fi German Stormtrooper team with Light Anti-armour Weapon LAW (1)
300SCI06 Sci-Fi German Stormtrooper with Auto Cannon (1)
300SCI07 Sci-Fi German Stormtrooper Sniper (1)
300SCI08 Sci-Fi German Stormtrooper Spotter (1)
300SCI09 Sci-Fi German Stormtrooper comms (1)

Any downside? Well, yes. TMP Mafia be damned, I have to say "nice figures, but......" I feel there should have been at least one squad leader pose and more Panzerfausts. The' Comms' figure may make a squad leader and I can give the 'Officer' a German style combat cap or helmet to ring the changes....but it looks like Peter Pig or FOW will be filling in the Panzerfausts.

Overall, the advancing poses are admirable, especially how the weapons are being held; and that kneeling grunt firing is leaning into his weapon and really looks like someone firing an automatic weapon at an enemy rather than just a redneck's girlfriend shooting beer cans on Youtube.

Nevertheless, at this point I want to say "Well done Eli" (emu2020) and "Thank You!" for pushing this project through (TMP)! I know you did a lot of work in the background corresponding with Nic and building up the client base through forums, blogs and email.



  1. here comes a question, Should i get them or stick to Titan marines ?

    I bet shipping from Australia will be deadly anyway...


  2. Thy look perfect, especially for the Solomani from the Official Traveller Universe (OTU). Those Solomani have always been the OTU's native fascist force, and with a right paint-job these minis will look like high-tech fascist thugs in combat armour with breather masks.