Sunday 24 April 2011

Bond in 15mm

Watched QUANTUM of SOLACE this afternoon. Purely for game research purposes of course.

The car chase at the beginning is brutal and out does RONIN, which nevertheless remains one of my favourite movies. Early on Quantum feels like a Bourne but loses it from the opera scene onwards from which point it starts to fade into more typical Bond fare. However, Bond sidekick Olga Kurylenko is stunning and makes up for the poor end run to the final credits.

So, I was musing about Bond in 1/35th scale earlier - Russian Mafia and Balkan Para Militarie as adversaries. So what if we want to recreate Bond in 15mm? Go to The Scene. Using The Authorities range of minis, take the head from SA001 (kneeling figure on left) and put on the body of SA002 (figure on right).

The Scene: 15mm Authorities Range

That should give you Bond, as per the Quantum of Solace promo poster. We'll pretend it's an MP5. Alternatively, if like me you would like your Bond firing his pistol in both hands from a standing position - a slightly more time onsuming torso swop would need to take place.

Want a female Bond sidekick - look no further than The Scene's female Survivalists/Zombie Hunters; ZH001 and ZH003.


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  1. I painted the guy in shades and "MP5" as Bond anyway. get the shade of suit right, a tie in a good blue and get the hair a sort of dirty blondish brown and it works as is. the not quite gamers in work liked it and one of the ladies looked over a shoulder and said "oh, thats Daniel Craig isnt it".