Wednesday 20 April 2011

Force on Force: Shaken Not Stirred

- Do you expect me to roll a 6 Goldfumbler? -
- No! I expect you to pass your TQ Die Mr Bond -

Maff (the Master Chef) is currently sunning himself on a  luxury yacht of wargaming creativity in his new modern imagi-nation hot spot on the Adriatic.  A playground for Russian Mafia, Alcovian criminal masterminds and Dodjy militia warlords.

Force on Force has a new mission. Should it choose to accept it. FoF doesn't have to be purely about guncrawls in the alleys of Baghdad, the poppy fields of Helmund or the villages of Chechnya. When the chips are down, there's plenty of scope for a sharp dressed Englishman in a dinner jacket with a babe and a high TQ Die at his side.

Seriously, a couple of morning commutes on the train and I've sussed playing secret agent pulp games with  Force on Force. Borku Riviera on the Adriatic, Yeah, I know there's other rules out there dedicated to this type of game, but I'm not going to buy them, and let's give FoF it's due - that's where we got on the inspiration bus in the first place.

This is where the Asset and Fog of War Cards come into their own. The Asset Cards in particular, as they can be guns, gear, gadgets and Bond Babes. Now, don't get too hung up on the tech side of the gadgets. You can assume your Double 0, has the right gadget to hand each time and gets one 'shot' before discarding.

The Hotspots and Reinforcement tables? Think about a Bond movie.....a diverse array of enemies appearing out of nowhere! It's crying out to be played.

Plus, it makes one hell of a drinking game - just add a half dozen 'Martini' Asset Cards to the stack. Every time you draw a Martini card, you have to drink one - shaken, and not stirred, of course.



  1. Big fan of Commander Bond. I'm tempted to give this a try, but what about the figures?

  2. This raises a question for me with the mechanics. How does a one man unit like Bond survive an attack by a fireteam of 4? I'd see 4 dice for the guys, even if they're only d8s surely more than James's single d12 will roll over a 4+ to hit him eventually. Nevermind the usual number of baddies that he has to fend off... Have you made any modifications to deal with this?

  3. Figures First. 20mm go for Platoon20 P-CV1 Armed civilians - a couple of good Bond types in there.

    15mm The Scene's Authorities figures and various odds from Rebel Minis.

    Phil, the mantra is "Bond, never let them see you bleed" - yes there are subtle changes to the mechanics - this is not a realistic representation of one man clearing a Casino. This is Bond.

    Still working through the mechanics but basically Bond is a one man fire team. He can split fire and hits chip away his capabilities. And then there's our infamous "GOON SQUAD" mechanics.


  4. I think it's do-able and above all fun. As Pltn20 do a bow tie figure with a PPK, it would be simply bad manners not to use it.

  5. Looking forward to seing this in action
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range of figures should do, right?
    Double 0 Sven's blog is good for some inspiration

  6. *L* This was actually one of the things Robby and I talked about doing write after AA came out!

    I'll be following what you do with interest - in other words, "We'll be watching you, Mr. Bond."