Tuesday 19 April 2011

Force on Force: The Dogs Cojones

Master Chef got his copy of Force on Force last week courtesy of Amazon and he thinks "it's the Dogs....!"

Wednesday evening is our usual wargame night and I haven't known him to be so animated some time and it was infectious.

We talked through rough and ready mini-campaigns in the style mentioned on Dropship a week or so ago. Missions generated randomly via a homegrown mission generator whilst Russian Mafia and a wild card SF team is in the AO and on call to join in the merry mayhem.

Maff  also had the great idea of using a 'MAROON' style random alleyway generator to create back streets alleyways and souks for a lightning speed, in your face game that rolls across the table. Forget tactics if you want a heart stopping, taste the blood in your mouth solo game beyond which car or trash skip to hide behind. Me, I'm a Full Spectrum Warrior, - need at least one mouse hole or alleyway to get behind the bastards and banjo their AK47 tango arses, kind of tabletop commander.


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