Friday 15 April 2011

T'was the night before SALUTE...... New 15mm Sci Fi from GZG

NEW 15mm Sci Fi Goodies
from Jon at GZG! 
Available at Salute

1) THREE NEW PACKS of UNSC-LIGHT TROOPS- a Command/Comms pack, a pack of prone riflemen and GMS/P operators, and a support weapons pack with GMS/L teams and Gauss HAMR teams!

2) The HOVER TRUCK previewed on Dropship Horixon in January, available in open pickup or closed van versions - great as a civilian or military vehicle, and the open version can take any of our standard weapon mount fitments (as used on the Bulldog trucks).

3) A new MEDIUM HOVER TANK, using the Rommel hull but with an all-new manned turret in place of the Rommel's remote cannon mount. A slightly more "conventional" tank type than the Rommel, and a little larger than the old V15-15A, this should be a good addition to any hover-mobility force. Supplied complete with commander figure and three gun barrel options.

4) A new variant of our popular 8-wheel AFV family, this time as a rocket artillery support vehicle with a 6-round MRL box on the rear deck; the same MRL unit is also available as a GROUNDMOUNT version.

5) In the same "family" of vehicles as the 8-wheelers, we have a cut -down version as a 6-wheel light AFV type - very useful for recon and scout roles - available now in light APC and MICV versions, with several more variants to come!

6)...and finally, after a VERY long wait  necessitated by several stages of redesign work to get it just how I wanted it, we have THE CRUSTY MECHA! Some heavy support for those loveable (and popular) little crustaceans, this impressive unit stands about 60mm tall - you're going to need a bigger bottle of cocktail sauce....

So, there we go. I haven't had time to take any pictures of the new items yet, so I'm afraid that will have to wait till after the show. Hope to see lots of you there on Saturday!

For technical reasons we can't take them at the show this year - it's CASH ONLY on the day, but there are cash machine easily available within ExCel.

Oh, and I nearly forgot - we'll have some FREE FIGURES there too - FREE 15mm samples, no catch and no purchase necessary - just come along and pick a few up while they last!

Say Hi to Jon from me
plus Gavin and Alex at, Craig and Dale at Critical Mass Games