Sunday 24 April 2011

It's All Gone A Bit Borgia

Before we get back into the cockpit and blast off into new adventures, one last historical roadtrip.

I make no secret that I've had a long time interest in Renaissance Italy. Borgias, Medici but more especially, the late C15th Condottieri. 

 Last week, Master Chef gave me 6 sprues of Perry Plastic Mercenaries which have reignited the pilot light on a couple of 28mm Condottieri forces - plus  enough spare Lords, banners and Swiss mercenaries to make up a range of Basic Impetus armies reflecting the various militant city and family overlords.
Crucial to this are Perry's 1490-1520 European Heads which will help provide the right feel for the infantry, some dedicated TAG Renaissance Italians, and the beautiful Condottieri heavy cavalry from Venexia. Point to note, the project would have remained a non starter without the Perry heads.

Maelstrom have a 16% off deal for Easter so I'll order another pack of Perry Mercs and in return for the plastics, I'll split my collection of OOP Corvus Miniatures Burgundian Knights with Maff so all we need to worry about are specialist troops such as mounted crossbowmen, command and fun stuff.

 This project is a slow burner. More a labour of love, so will take several months to complete and I'm not planning to start painting the buggers till June.

My longer term aim is to add some 'transition' pieces to allow me to fight at least the Early Italian Wars as well, without having to go all plumes and puffed sleeves.


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