Saturday 30 April 2011

In the Pipe...... 15mm Nova Respublik APC

Following fast on the heels of Khurasan's Nova Respublik MBT, Jon has released images of his forthcoming Yozhik (Hedgehog) Heavy APC.

The Yozhik follows the design philsophy of the current Russian BTR-T heavy infantry combat vehicle, which itself forged from fierce combat experiuence in urban combat environments.

The resin and metal kit will be available from Khurasan Miniatures soon. In the meantime go to TMP and read Jon's full personal review of building the kit for himself. You'll also find photos of the Little Darling series of armed support robots I previewed here on Dropship back in December.

I'll have my own, if slightly biased photo review of the Little Darlings in my next post.



  1. This looks great. Really liking the Russian vehicles. Crossing my fingers for the results of the infantry.