Sunday 3 April 2011

Dropship Rebooted: The Pipes Are Calling

The Duke of Cumberland marched through here during the '45, burnt the Episcopalian Church and subsequently General Wade built a military road into the 'Highlands' going over Cairn O' Mount behind us. Now, I've no interest in refighting the '45 or any other Highlander campaign but Jon at Khurasan Miniatures has just released these superb miniatures which are crying out to be used.

So here's a question for you. Why do aliens always have to invade Earth during the latter half of the C20th and early C21st? Why can't our plucky C18th Heilan' laddies take on an alien scout force of say, Greys? And why do Alien overlords only have primitive alien allies/thralls? Why can't those primitive 'aliens' just be humans from a pre-industrial era? 

There's also opportunity for gaming a time slip. Think Dog Soldiers (2002) but with our erstwhile Toms or even UNIT facing a Brigadoon or 'clan that time forgot' style time anomaly.


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  1. My gaming and yours seem to be coming to the same end-point.

    More space-opera B movie pre VSF than serious hard SF.

    Using HOTT as the basis (unless someone can suggest something better?) - sort of world that Doug McClure would turn up in.

    Pirates, Karks done more "Redcoat" with Brigade bio-tanks (now these would be fun against highlanders!), Vespids with shotguns like alien Hawkmen (McClure! He's alive!), Lobstermen (Plutonians) with human cultist allies, Pendraken fishmen with giant crabs.

    Doing a .45 version for Conception in February. All I need is a group of players with the right mentality rather than "line up plastics then argue".