Saturday 23 April 2011

The Last King of England

With Royal Wedding fever gripping that media, it's time for an alternative look at the future of the British monarchy.

Wills and Kate get married, that's a given.

William, shy of media attention and very much mindful of what happened to his mother, does an Edward and abdicates. Kate makes a very lovely Mrs Simpson and so they live a Posh and Becks lifestyle as the darlings of Matha's Vineyard and HELLO reads everywhere.

The succession passes directly from Elizabeth II to Harry. The 'Goth' King of England. 

England? Because the constitutional crisis will be an excuse to flame the devlovution debate.  Harry will be the last King of England and he may even see the balkanisation of the British Isles during his reign and maybe be party to the creation of a Republic.

 Monarchist Forces, 2021

Great excuse for a VBCW set in 2014 or even Tomorrow's War country of 2020.



  1. Sounds like fun to me. I seem to recall there being a book called something like 'Scotch on the Rocks' that dealt with that many years ago when I was nowt but a wee bairn. Of course, that was nearly forty years ago now so I could be misremembering it. Now, which faction do I go with? And where can I get sci-fi troopers with floppy hats?

  2. Heh, I once dreamed of a near-future sci-fi setting where there were two English states, both starfaring powers - the Republic of England, led by the Socialist Party (ex-Militant Labor) and the Kingdom of Britain (an absolute or near-absolute monarchy), both at cold war with each other. Scotland and Wales would be independent states, but with very little interstellar presence.